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I speak above all figurative. I speak of the organic, the vegetal and the animal. I speak of the elements, of landscapes. I speak about nature. I speak of its aestheticism and its simplicity. A simplicity that I cherish, that I consider as the highest stage of evolution, of engineering, of development. I need to talk about what has not been touched by a conscience, shaped by a project, convoluted by choices. I need to talk about what has developed without the intervention of a hand, without pressure other than the adaptation to an environment. I need to show my love for the varied silhouettes of this chaos that structures itself. I need to talk about the organization of scales and feathers, the appearance of the flipper, the attitude of the monkey and the contortions of the cat. I need to talk about the gigantic of the mountain, the lightness of the flower, the sharpness of the eye and the energy of the claw. I need to speak about all these forms resulting from the harmonious anarchy of the living. All these forms sculpted, eroded, sanded, improved, twisted, deviated, adapted over time by the sole biological need to survive an environment. To show these forms and to speak about their beauty. This beauty which has for origin only functions, answering as many needs, from which is born the aesthetic. Guided by this simplicity, I want to remain instinctive. I like to execute quickly and prepare little. I am more of a draftsman than a painter. I like the immediacy, frankness, and no return of the drawing. I like the simple and direct execution. This is, in my opinion, a good way to preserve the honesty of my work, with the minimum of prior structure, without calculation, incorporating my mistakes, trusting my hand and disturbing at least its journey. If I speak more with my body, I am less likely to deceive others and myself. I try to speak humbly about this simplicity, to stay honest and to bring nature to the stage, front and center.

I never had the patience to study the scientific background of the causes, so I talk about the aesthetic form of the consequences.



I have been drawing since I was 5 years old and have never stopped.

After a childhood and adolescence spent reproducing my favorite heroes, developing my stories through comics, painting figurative as well as abstract and trying all the mediums at my reach, I had the chance to study 4 years at the Ecole Emile Cohl in Lyon (France) and got my diploma of animation film designer in 2008. Besides a growing personal production, I have since worked for the animation industry in France as a director, animator, graphic designer and storyboarder, considerably expanding the scope of my visual storytelling. I then moved to Berlin in 2017 to expand my professional life. Next to my digital career, my pictorial production increased, and after 3 years developing films and designs in a communication agency, for private clients and TV channels, I felt ready to launch myself as a Freelancer in 2020, and to further expand my personal artistic activity. Since then, I’ve been stoking that fire a little more; I share and sell my work and my aesthetic vision on my website, social networks, in stores, galleries and various online sales sites. I develop concepts and pictorial series essentially centered on the forms of nature, the organic, the vegetal, the animal and the landscapes.

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Rémy Sant





Some of my artworks are for sale, discover them in my shop !